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Book 3 "The New Word"


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Dear friends! For those who are interested, here is the beginning of translations of the third book. I hope, with the help of our Father, to translate it steadily, message by message...

I hope that you will understand quire close to the text translation. The reason for this is also my desire to save as much of the Teachers words and its consequence as it is actually possible. But if the reading will appear to be too hard - please let me know.


Thank you for your interest and have a nice reading! smile.gif




Book 3


“The New Word”



“Pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” (Matthew 6:6) Namely this saying from the Gospel became a basis for me. Namely the prayer and deep faith in the Creator of the Universe allowed me to realize this saying in my life. Namely the prayer “Our Father” became the door for me which opened up new opportunities to know the world – to know it through clairaudience, through the normal state of any person who is truly aware of the world. Through the prayer I received this gift – the possibility of communication with the Spiritual World of the Cosmos, the Creator we call Sabaoth, and the Teacher Christ. All the lines that have now taken shape of the books have been written down through my love and reverence for this Teacher. And here is the first book we bring to your attention.


Yelena Novosvit

(Translated by Yelena Vesna)







“The New Word” of The Teacher Christ

is a documentary collection of messages,

which are received through the telepathy channel of communication

through a prayer by Yelena Novosvit.

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I am standing in front of you behind the closed Door.
I suggest to you: come in!
Look at our World.
Cognize us. Our aspirations,
ideals, goals and tasks – are they familiar to you?
If yes, so this Door is yours.
It will open a new Path to you,
a right Way, it will allow you to see everything in a different way,
to believe sincerely and through the heart,
to be in the conditions of love and bliss,
to cognize the higher aspirations,
to realize the plurality of the world.
And, the most important, I am opening to you a Door to the Father,
our Great Parent of all being,
a Path, that lead to the Highest Spheres of the Space and the
Hierarchy of the Creator.

Our Father, Who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy Kingdom come;
Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.


But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes,
He will guide you into all the truth;
for He will not speak on His own initiative,
but whatever He hears, He will speak;
and He will disclose to you what is to come.
He will glorify Me, for He will take of Mine
and will disclose it to you.

John 16:13-14


Our Father…

Yes, today we will be talking about the prayer, known to you, about the prayer that I suggested as a pattern for communication with Father. I want to talk about it in more details.

Our Father, Who art in haven… This is an appeal to God as to a Father, and it doesn’t imply a name, for you are here the representatives of different worlds, and your appeal to the Creator as to a Father implies your tuning to the channel that is acceptable to your soul. While the appeal, your thoughts create a field that can be connected to the channel of the Creator, to His Flow of Energies. And I assure you, that the Light is stronger that the Darkness and your deliberate desire to enter the space of the Light through the love and thanksgiving, undoubtedly forms a connection between us by which your prayers, your thoughts will be herd by us. The appeal to the God as to a Father, will undoubtedly, by the thought bring the ray that will unite us.

Who art in haven, because the Father, or The God-Creator, is That, Who exercises His life in the Highest Spheres – for you it is the Celestial Spheres. It is to them, to the Highest Celestial Spheres, to The Creator of The Universe you direct your mental message. It is the compulsory clarification, it is like an address of the receiver, where it is necessary to indicate the direction of the way, for there are lots of terrestrial creatures, that wish to call themselves your “fathers”, but who operate in the lower energetic layers. Yes, The Father – The Creator – is for all of the cosmic creatures of our Universe is, definitely, the Greatest Creature of the extraordinary power, who have the strength and power from the First Principle, from the Core of the Universe – The Supreme Intelligence.

Hallowed be Thy Name… We are talking about the holiness of the God’s name. Your transcriptions and adaptations do not provide you with an ability to cognize the true name of the Creator, but the notion itself as a certain symbol that is enclosed in the notion “God” is possible to keep in one’s soul in purity. The Name of the God, as well as the notion itself that is enclosed into this Word, should be a certain sanctity in your heart, in your soul, a certain hearth of the Light let up in your soul. It is there that this sacrament is being fulfilled – the connection with the Highest Divine Substance. And it happens through the heart, through the sincere and genuine flows of a soul. A soul strives to its Source, to the true cognition of all the essences of things, and your recognition of the God as a Father contributes to this, the recognition of His will as the highest indicator in life.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven…
This is one of the main affirmations, which is more clear to us – those who live in the Higher Celestial Realms – and less open for understanding to you, for we totally accept the Will of our Father as the fundamental Law that organize our life. This Will is a visible to us aspiration to the good of all the worlds of the Galaxy and the Universe. We have an ability to personally observe the actions of our Father, we are entirely rely on His Strength, Power, directed
towards the creation of the Universe. His will is the main engine of all the actions for the good, and we wish that your world would also acquire with its development this conscious desire – to live by the Will of our Father, for this Way will bring you only the changes to the good, will stabilize all the genuine and will relieve from all extraneous that was introduced not for the good, not for the development. To recognize the Will of our Father – it means to urge the genuine Light, that will dissolve and swallow the Darkness, and this is your task and your goal, for it is in this free manifestation the opportunity enclosed to change here everything for the good, for the good of living and in the name of your development and the motion ahead on the evolution ladder.

Your desire can bring this moment closer, the moment of joining the work in the name of a good cause – an approximation of the Golden Age of the humanity here. And so be it! For no matter how many plans, programs of changes on the Earth are created now by the different forces with the different goals – your planet will manage to enter the new space of the New Time. And will chose the right Way and the right direction, for the Spiritual World is strong, but never exercise his power and do not use as a weapon its possession of the psyche energy that can bring a lot here into a motion and to changes in a shorter terms. No! We do not use the methods of the forces of an opposite side. We do not follow the way of violence and imposition of our will and our ideas. We wish, through our efforts and your support, the gradual changes for the good through the development of the consciousness. It is not a violence it is a free acceptance of a New Way for the development of the terrestrial humanity. And the acceptance of our Father’s Will as a primary will, and this is a first step for the realization of the changes for the Mother-Earth’s good. The more those who are conscious of this need the closer this moment becomes, the moment of laying a new basis – a single faith in a Single God-Creator.

This is our task – to bring all the humanity to the unity, to give it a chance to cognize the marvelous life in Harmony with the world of Space – the world of order. This program was developed in the centuries, its goal – to reunite the scattered and thus to recover the unity of a mankind through a single faith in the Creator. And it will definitely happen, possibly by the earthy measurements not so soon, but by the cosmic measurements we already see our program in action. So far, you receive only the first grains. Which ground it will get into – it depends on you. We hope that there will be grains that will manage to germinate and will not let themselves to be destroyed by the birds, winds and tares. This is the most critical moment, and a lot depends on the sower, for the conscious work will bring the conscious fruits. And we will be recognized by the fruits.
Now it is important to lay in oneself, in one’s soul all that was said in the New Testament and to move further, to the free development of the new humanity.

Teacher Christ

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Give us this day our daily bread…

Our daily bread… What is meant here? Bread as a basis of being – it is a bread for the maintenance of a physical body and the bread as a spiritual food. It is important to believe in the fact that the daily bread as a spiritual and material food is necessary for everyone who lives here on the Earth, for you are not only this body, you are Spirits. Therefore in this connection the food is necessary in the two dimensions: material and the spiritual.

Spiritual food – it is a necessary condition for the development of the Spirit, as well as the material – for the body. With the absence of one of these, the development will not flow harmoniously for the given personality. Thus, your requests and wishes during the prayer form the process
of setting and the affirmation in the achievement of the desired. Your requests – are not a humiliated petition to give you something but the statement that is necessary to your inner Essence for the work on yourself. It is necessary to your soul – to give it the way for the implementation of the intended, and with your own words and especially with the thoughts you form the direction to the development. The development for a soul is truly necessary. And the words of the prayer are the call and the statement for the desired. The desire to receive the daily bread this day, with the conscious understanding of this phrase, gives you the inner setting for the development of the body and Spirit.

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us… The request about the forgiveness is an important point for the work on oneself, because the recognition and the awareness initially of the own mistakes is our debts, that need to be surrendered, to be worked off. It is important, while working on oneself, to control all your actions and thoughts, detecting the “debts” – something, that had to be done in a different way, and now, having rethought it, it is important to recognize the wrong behavior and through this recognition to conduct the work on oneself. Such a work implies also the understanding of others. The own reevaluation of your behavior and identification of your own defects in behavior makes it available to you to accept and to forgive other related to you individuals.

In the moment of the acceptance of the truth: do not do to the others something you would not wish to yourself – the establishment of a soul occurs. It is necessary to seek it, it is important to wish it – the formation of ones soul on the spiritual foundations, implying the high sense of the responsibility to oneself and the surroundings. This can happen through the moment of the forgiveness and repentance, because this is already a level for the soul, the motion upward. And this motion implies the deliverance from many negative layering. First of all, from the increased self-esteem and the pride, from the desire to see only the flaws in the behavior of the others and the reluctance to see the own. The process of the conscious work on oneself can begin with the statement: judge not, that you be not judged, for the forgiveness is tightly bound with not-judgment. By judging others, you can-not see your behavior in the genuine light. It is the Way I am directing you to. And it is a Way that leads to the harmonization of the energies inside of you, to the alignment of the field. The Way, targeted at the development of the Spirit and bringing all your energies inside of you into the harmonious equilibrium, to the norm. This is not an easy process, but still available to every human with his conscious desire. And the prayer contributes to this process.

Do not accept the words of the prayer as the begging of a sinful slave from the owner. Accept the prayer as the statement, necessary for the development, also necessary to us, because only through your sincere request-prayer we have an ability of the inclusion into your life. And, opening to you a way, a green traffic light, to the direction where all of your thoughts are directed to, without knowing it or better to say having not received the invitation for providing you with the necessary help, we have no right to intrude into your life. Only with your conscious desire to receive our help and support. And thus – ask and it will be given to you, knock and will open to you. Seek and you will certainly find what you are looking for.

So be it!
Teacher Christ

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And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…

Temptations – what is meant by this in the given context? Temptations – this moment includes a manifestation of one’s own will for the deliberate choice. Temptations usually come from the terrestrial aspirations of a human, through his personal relationships with the earthly world. Your world provides you with many benefits in the form of the material manifestations. These benefits and the aspirations for its obtainment can become the deliberate goal of life, because it is visible to you wealth and the visible manifestation of the good from it for an existence. The wealth of a soul in this case remain non-accumulated, for these wealth remains invisible to you and hidden for the majority, and therefore doesn’t become here the main purpose of life. The temptations – it is a necessary moment for the determination of the right choice. Every soul in the Material world is a subject for temptations that go as you say from the evil one. Whom do you have in mind? And why lead us not into temptation if the temptations help to make the right choice for a soul and to establish the right direction in its Way?

The evil one, the slyness – it is something that is hidden by the mask, that is not true and sincere and with the use of different techniques tries to lead you from the right Way. Too many of these untrue manifestations amongst you, in this world. There are many forces exist that lead you aside from the Truth with the use of, again, beautiful words, deliberate sophistication, because they use with it different wiles of a mind. They offer to you different abstract concepts that mislead you into the games of the Material World with the World of Energies.

How to understand everything for a non-mature soul that has not big developments in the field of a Spirit? How to separate the wheat from the chaff? Very difficult. It is indeed a difficult test for the majority of the souls. And such tests do not happen by the will of the Creator for the development of your Spirit with your conscious desire, but from the evil one – from the one who is not sincere with you, who wishes to substitute the true concepts of this world by those that he will use for the accomplishment of his goal. There are not a few of them. It is truly many evil ones now. It is important to identify them. And it is important to show them that there is a Force that can reveal all their slyness. Those tests and temptations that come from them are different to those I endured during the times in the desert. For I came to it deliberately for the manifestation of myself and my Essence. And these temptations are different – they come from the slyness, from introduced from the outside. Not for the development of a soul they come, but rather for a soul to be caught in the nets, tangled, and changed its life to its own detriment. There are many of those that were caught in these nets, that have lost landmarks in life, that go down, further descending and lost communication with God, the Creator. For you I asked God as the Father to save you from this perilous road, from all such temptations coming from the evil ones, those who knowingly has this goal to take you away from the Path – The Road that leads into the World of Light, to the Creator. I asked to save you, to take you away from the lies and slyness. Because for a true understanding of what is happening, what is offered to you, where you are led to, you need to have a spiritual core and the clean vessel of the soul, which does not allow any unclean invasion, for it is already filled with the purity, the Clear Light of Creator, the clean energy from First Principle. And this gives it the ability of correct recognition of everything what happens on its Way.

There are not many of incarnated who managed to save the pure vessel of a soul, and they have marvelous opportunity to work through the heart, through their soul, developing all the best in themselves, they learn to correctly distinguish between temptations from the evil one and the temptations that are necessary for the manifestation of the Spirit inside of them, of one’s Essence. The temptations that are necessary to the Spirit for the manifestation of its Essence are sent to you upon your inner prayer or request as a gift for the disclosure of all hidden inside of you, for the detection, through a hard work on yourself, of all the hidden potential that is eager to open up. This is a moment of a genuine cognition of oneself. It is this disclosure with your conscious will is important to crave, important to desire. 

I wish you to feel the difference between these two concepts, between your desire to manifest yourself and the temptations from the evil one. Only your mindsent to the development, to the acceptance of the higher criteria in the assessment of your own behavior and consequently of who and what suggests to you, will show you the right Way. It is enough to establish in your soul a right indicator and a lot will manifest. Be attentive, because in your time the broad net is open to you, it presupposes many traps on each step, and it is the temptations from the evil one. 

Do not lead yourself into these temptations, for a lot depends on you. Your request for the protection undoubtedly activates it. And do not believe those who say that your prayers are not hearable to us for you are isolated from God, from the Light Forces. No! Those who wish it, to cut you off the Light Forces and suggest you to follow this way. The way of the fear, nonbelieving and the refusing of all the light and true. The Pure Light, emanations of God, will always penetrate any space, for the Light is always stronger than the Darkness. Remember this, do not allow to frighten yourself by the bottom creatures that breaks out from the astral. Believe, that The Spiritual World of the Universe is with you, that we desire to bring here the changes for good. We desire to bring here the genuine concepts from the pure Source, from the Creator of the Universe.

So be it!
Teacher Christ

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Blessed are the poor in spirit…

I want to talk about the world, the one you live in, the world that has big gradations of the human manifestations, the world, where all the possible ascensions and the descents of a soul are manifested, the world of a bliss and the rejection of life. About the world, you came in to sort out everything, first of all, in yourself, in your Essence.

The aspiration of a human is directed to obtaining the joy and pleasure. The highest degree of these manifestations – is a bliss. So what bliss I talked about, towering above all on the hill? I talked about the bliss of a Spirit, because this is a state that is possible to feel here on Earth.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
 What does this phrase imply? What is your understanding?
The Poor in Spirit – are, in my understanding, the free Spirits from the terrestrial attachments. It is not tramps that beg on the road. It is those who managed to separate or to distinguish their consciousness as a fundamental principle in man, having managed to reject all the temptations of the Material World. The Material World drowns out the Voice of a Spirit in everyone living, and more and more often the demands of the flash grows louder, while Spirit, the Cosmic particle, is compelled to hide behind the created barriers in a soul. For the life in the human society imposes its prints and sets its criteria and aspirations. And in accordance to these criteria usually the main goal of living is the accumulation. Life in luxury – the dream and the main target of the majority. But there are also those, who having many benefits of the material world are free in a Spirit. They have managed to distinguish inside of them the main grain, and this grain is the service, the service to the Creator, for one can-not serve two masters at the same time. Everybody has a choice, every soul – selecting the true awareness of its immortality, or to recognize as a true value only the existence here and now in this body, recognizing as genuine one only the criteria of the Material World.

The Poor in Spirit – is a rough adaptation, but still bearing the sense manifested further: isn’t the soul is more than food, and the body more than clothes? Direct your sight namely to her, allow yourself to accept what is gifted to you this day for life. The birds are those who form this example for you, for their life is built upon jubilation from the sense of a freedom of their nature. The thoughts about the constant enlarging of their profits, their influence, the desire of the seizure of power and the dominance are not pursuing them. They are free, for their possessions are minimal and do not burden their thoughts. I mean that the man absorbed in his thoughts about wealth, about material savings, usually loses his connection with God. Because his life fell into the network that close to him a true Sky Light, not allowing his Spirit to manifest itself and delaying the moment, when the true awareness of the Kingdom of God will come, which is of course inside of you. There is the key inside of you that will reveal the truth to you and offer the right Path, the Way that will bring you to your Divine Source, The Kingdom of God. Yes, blessed are the poor, but I would say free Spirits, for their soul was able to separate the wheat from the chaff, was able to distinguish that main meaning, the main goal that leads free soul to the development, to evolution.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Is the Creator craves for tears or tribulations of a soul? Is it a punishment – a life that is full of suffering and misery? I have already said that no. Every human can, having gone through all the tests, to remain pure and grateful to Creator for the opportunity of manifestation of his Spirit, its power, through the different life situations. Having experienced a lot, to remain in the state of a bliss – it is given only to those, who have the high spiritual potential. Its discovery through the manifestation in the serious life situations, is their comfort, and the feeling of bliss is the remuneration. Those who have suffered much will receive the highest feelings of their soul, because the connection with the Spirit that otherwise couldn’t be manifested will be renewed. Blessed - that are those who will receive the highest bliss, who had to go through, experience a lot and while that do not be angry and curse God, but to accept it as a gift for its manifestation, for the ability to make an accumulation of a different composition. Because those who suffered a lot mostly receive with their conscious desire the purification and the transformation of a soul. They walk away from here having made a step, and often not one, in their development. They have managed to distinguish, define and to choose the direction of their Path. Creator is not a barbarian and not a monster that sends you punishments one after another satisfying with your sufferings. You have an ability yourself, changing everything in yourself to change the world. Fill yourself with the Light, and all the dark will leave you.

And Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. The notion “meek” implies humility of a soul – it is those, who were able to bring the energies of their soul into available equilibrium. It is those, who consciously accept the Creator, believe in Him and lay all their hopes that their heart, mind and will are aspired on the alignment of all their aspirations inside with the Will of the God. What do I mean under the Will of the God? I mean that plan of your life, that canvas, that way, that has been designed for you before you came to the Earth, for there are no aimless comings. And thus for the manifestation of this program inside it is important to be meek, accepting that a lot on the level of the Spirit is not cognized by you, that the memory, its deeper essence sleeps inside of you not providing you with the ability to act in accordance with your developments. It has been done for all of you who live here to be in the equal positions, that you could have the equal abilities not creating the priorities for oneself by ones incarnations. You return in life in a new quality, but with the former developments. Everything in you. And the ability of opening ones deeper memory is given to everybody, but how? Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and narrow the path leading to God.

You have been given an opportunity of the free development according to the Law of Free Will. Soul must work instead of looking for the easy ways. You are able to your disclosure. You are able to your cognition. You are able to cognize what was inherited by your soul – and this is your Spirit, with all his manifestations and accumulations through the embodiments in the physical body. Your heritage – is your potential of a Spirit. Most of it came through the physical incarnations, through the marriage of the Sky – the Divine substance – and the Earth – the biological structure. You are able to receive this maximal heritage, having become meek and having listened to the Voice of the Sky, the Voice of God within you.

You are all in an equal position. And the High Spirit that is the Light to this world, can also be a transmitter of the Pure Energies of the Creator. It is they will inherit the Earth in the upcoming era, that will bring the bliss to the meek for their humble desire to listen the Voice of God having transformed all inside for this.

So be it!
Teacher Christ





Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Yes, it is necessary to thirst for truth, in other words, in more modern language, to have aspirations to know everything. This is a special type of hunger, I would say that this is a "spiritual hunger". And he who wants to be satisfied, has the opportunity to choose, because the taste must be formed. Not to grab all the food that is thrown to him from different directions. It is necessary to selectively choose and to move to the Pure Source. And, being tired from thirst, still prefer to have patience, rather than drink stagnant water. Yes, I suggest you to have patience. Your thirst is great, but there are no and cannot be easy and fast ways to cognition. We are moving towards the Truth, the Verity, the Divine Source, and only after passing this Way, we will come to awareness, and then the saturation will come. I am talking about the spiritual saturation coming from the Pure Source. You can always distinguish the crystal clear water from the muddy stagnant water of the swamp, even if it is presented to you in a beautiful vessel.
I said that for this it is necessary to purify your thoughts, and then, by the principle "like attracts like" you will have communication only with the Light, for you crave it. But what about the forces that do not carry Light? Yes, this is your task: to learn to distinguish at the level of intuition what is offered to you. Just a beautiful vessel? And the contents? In what degree has it been cleansed and does it have the connection with the Divine Source? Asking yourself these questions, you always get answers at the level of heart. Your saturation can not occur as a hungry beast, who having no choice, or rather not wanting to know about the choice claws everything that comes his way. Your development assumes different behavior and other criteria and assessments. You have the opportunity to make a choice. And your choice presupposes a quality of saturation, for you know the expression: we are what we eat, especially if it is spiritual food, which has the ability to transform consciousness in one way or another.
Blessed are the merciful, because they will receive mercy. How do you understand this expression? Explain. "Merciful" - what does this word encompass? The one making mercy - who is it? The one who has come to the realization of making mercy. This is the one who has managed to discover this possibility inside of him, the possibility of a higher awareness of the world, the possibility of being merciful, zealous and courteous to others.
How is this realization going on? It occurs then, when a person has learned from his life experience what the absence of these qualities in the soul is. Usually a person becomes merciful having passed all the tests and having come to the necessity of revealing or developing in himself such virtues. By becoming courteous and merciful, you come to the higher manifestation of these qualities - to compassion. To a state where it is possible to perceive others' sorrows as one’s own, and this is the highest manifestation of the Spirit.
Experiencing compassion, you undoubtedly acquire the experience of empathy, the experience that opens your soul, gives it the development. And thus the merciful are those who have truly learned life's lessons and have come to the right decision about the development of their soul. These are those who consciously stepped on the Path of Evolution. All their experiences of past incarnations from here remain in the past. Henceforth, their behavior, their new morality of behavior - their correction of the way - says that mercy will be granted to them in Heaven, for they have managed to refuse the karmic ties, they have managed to adopt a new morality presupposing the salvation of their souls. Not an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. No, this way you will go very long, and it does not involve your development. It involves the development in you of everything that pulls down, not upward. And I am telling you about forgiveness and mercy. I am talking about the highest manifestation of a human soul – the compassion. I speak about mercy, do not resist evil, for when you are slapped on the right cheek, turn to him another as well. Destroy the knot of vengeance, malice, resentment, irritability, unrighteous anger. You are above this, for you have stepped on a different Path - the Path of the higher cognition of yourself, of all that is kept in you.
In your caches of the soul the treasure is stored - these are your higher manifestations as a personality, as a person, as a Cosmic Spirit. They are closed there. And the stronger the human weaknesses, the deeper the layering of everyday life, the more difficult for them to be revealed. But I say to you: your treasure is inside you. You are the Light of the world. Let it manifest himself and shine before all people, for, having lighted a candle it should not be put under a vessel, but on a candlestick, and shines for all in the house.
Yes, I wish your Light to shine before people so that they will see your good deeds and through you would be manifested the glory of the Heavenly Father!
So be it!
Teacher Christ
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Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God


Pure in heart – this notion is familiar to you, for it is a heart that came through the purification. Heart – is, figuratively speaking, the main generator, it is where the main is concentrated – it is the location of your Divine particle. And it is on the level of a heart this unique inclusion exists. This is a location of the Cosmic Spirit enclosed in you. Thus, all the experiences, all the fillings take place at the level of a heart for the manifestation of enclosed in you. I talk about the physical heart and the spiritual heart. Is it possible to distinguish these notions? Is it possible to come to the awareness that it is necessary to purify the spiritual heart?


The purity, and I am talking about the spiritual notion, is associated with the Light, because the Light of the Creator – is a Flow of a radiant purity, it is a Flow that is capable to renew, to transform a soul, to transfigure it. For this condition it is necessary to deny from yourself all the rough and to fill yourself with the Pure Light of the Creator. The Energies of the Creator can only freely circulate in you when your heart, the spiritual heart, is capable to receive this Flow, and your physical heart is ready to stand it, for the Flow of the Creator – is the energies of a special frequency, it is an ultra-frequency level. And this Flow in a pure form is destructive for the biological structure. 


We have a body of a special structure, it is composed of plasma, of a special type of plasma that can hold and pass through it the energies of an immense power. I would say, that the communication with me directly in my current state is also unsecure for the biological structure. For communication I search for the pure in heart, filled with the Pure Light of the Creator. Only this kind of heart will stand the direct contact, or the communication directly, for they have prepared their physical body, and first of all the heart, through their purity, through their definite, balanced combination of energies for the communication with me and God, The Creator. It is possible for everyone to come to this state, but it is necessary to remember, that the purification – is a gradual process, it is a kind of a sacrament, which occurs inside of you with your conscious desire.


Do you thirst for the communication with the Spiritual World? Do you thirst to fill yourself with the Pure Light of the Creator? If yes, so you are on the Way to it. Your aspiration already implies the realization of it. The vessel of your heart will be filled with what you will lay there. You are – those who have an opportunity to change a lot in yourself. You are – those who can fill the vessel of your heart, for you have an ability to choose the source. 


The pure spring, is usually, not in the plain sight. To receive the crystal clear water, it is necessary to make a Way, also to apply efforts and perseverance for the achievement of the goal. To get rid of the laziness, indifference, calm vegetation and get on the Road. Perhaps many will be left behind, many will descend from the Road, many will be satisfied with the ordinary water of rivers, lakes or even stagnant water. But you are – those who see the goal clearly. You will come to the wonderful place – the Pure Source, gifting you the extraordinary taste of the pristine purity. From this, from this Source, you will fill your spiritual heart. Its vessel will be truly beautiful. It will be filled with the unusual strength, capable to transform, to transfigure everything in it. You will receive the genuine purification, and henceforth our hearts will beat in unison. You will be able to feel The Creator, a different vision will open in you. You will be able to see something that was invisible and unknown to you before. Truly, you are able to do it. You are capable of the harmonious transformation of your Essence. You are able to see the goal clearly and to consciously strive to it. You are able to control the filling of the vessel of your soul, because you strive for the development and the perfection. You strive for the connection with The Creator, for the Primary Source, for our Parent.


Be perfect, as our Father in Heavens perfect!



So be it!

Teacher Christ


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Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God


The peacemakers – the peace creators – it is the highest level of the service to Creator, for the peace – it is the basis, the foundation, your world, your living space is based on.


To make peace on Earth is the highest program of the Missioners, is the highest service. The World of Earth is in a condition, when for the stabilization, for the equilibration of all the energies that operate here on Earth, the help of the peacemakers is necessary, because the Creator controls the processes that occur here, on Earth, and in time incorporates into work the necessary in this timeframe Spirits.


The High Spirits come here in accordance with the Creator’s program in the name of the recovery of the Universal Laws here, that came into the oblivion or roughly outraged. It is necessary to have a high developments for this, because this is the highest objective for those who have accepted the service.


The world of Earth is not homogeneous, there are many forces that try to capture the consciousness and minds of people, to reverse their spiritual Path of development. These forces usually influence the human weaknesses. They lead away the majority into the way of indulgence and permissiveness, using the influence on the lower energetic centers. By building up such emotions you will not become better, and your developments will belong to the lowest energetic egregore. It leads you away from the purpose of your arrival, from the conscious perception of the world, from its cognition.


The human mind is arranged in a way that the leader is necessary, for often the majority of driven need a pure conductor, the herald of the new ideas. The river of life needs purification and the renovation of its flow from the Pure Spring. Namely such is the goal of peacemakers, which come to the Earth in the role of, so to say, catalyst, the purifier of the Flow. Namely due to such a service your world still exists, for with the great efforts but the process of renovation is happening, the process of the creation and the establishment of the moralities, where will be built the new foundation of the new outlook of the new humanity. There are those who actively, and who passively engaged into the process of the world creation, being a conductors of a Pure Energies of the Creator. And this task of the active creation is only possible for those who are the Spiritual Warriors, in whom developed such qualities as will, perseverance and the steadfastness in the purpose achievement. The manifestation of a special power that gives them the immense opportunities for the goal achievement is the manifestation of the Creator’s Power.


Why does the Earth have a limited number of such examples and unlimited manifestation of the forces of the opposite side? Only because the majority of living superficially accept this world, refusing much knowledge and the cognition of themselves and their Essence, but rather accept the position of a weak, let themselves to be led into the world of the sensible satisfactions and temptations of the World of Matter. This is usually used by those who came here to play on the human weaknesses. The position of the peacemaker requires a great Force of the Spirit and its manifestation, giving it to the world. This is hardly compatible with the basic position of this world that accepts the life for fun as a basic condition. The moment of the force detection implies giving all accumulated – it is the complete dedication, which is often rejected due to misunderstanding by the living. All the new from the positions of the Spiritual World makes its way very hard, because the ignorance and misunderstanding puts barriers that do not allow the conceived to be realized. And thus the peacemakers – are those who have managed to define in their lives, managed to identify their role and to come to the conscious service to The Creator for the good of the Earth, humanity and the Universe.


Our worlds are interconnected. You exercise the life through the Energy of Life of the Creator, Who has brought it to all living. We protect the World of the Universe from the purely destructive energies that flow from this planet into the outer space. Our Missioners are the peacemakers, are those who came here for the establishment of the harmonious equilibrium, for the stabilization of energies, for the burning out all the malicious, all not giving the good, with their Light, with their inner Light. Truly, they are the true children of our Heavenly Father, for they managed to allocate the Will of the One who sent them with this incredibly difficult and responsible mission from the Father in Heavens. 


So be it!

Teacher Christ

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Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


Persecuted because of righteousness – who are they? Who are the true Word bearers? It is the Missioners of the Spiritual World and they come to this world for the renovation of the Flow, because all the new that bears the true, right notions is the subject to ridicule by the living. 


It is hard to talk about the Truth and the genuine notions with those who do not want to listen, because only the one who strengthened to a state of hearing can hear the Truth. To tell about the opening of the vision and hearing to those who does not think about it is absurdly. Thus, only the Children of God, those, who came here with the high spiritual developments are able to the open acceptance of the new truths.


The new? But the Truth is always one. So why it needs to be renewed? First of all, because the humanity follows its Way of development. It is at least unwise to explain the baby something that he is unable to understand. There are moments, when a certain stage of development takes place, and it defines the readiness for the acceptance of the part from the genuine notions. The moment of a mankind’s readiness is determined by the Creator and the necessary knowledge and notions come to the Earth through the incarnations of the Missionaries.


The Time Flow, or the era, defines the degree of possible disclosure. The language and terms are also conditioned by time. For living at that time, the language of parables and analogies was the most appropriate one. In your time, your development implies the conversation in a different way, because you have grown up, learned a lot and comprehended a lot. The notions of energies, fields, leptons, neutrino are available for your perception. The diversity of the world is purely visible to you as well as the differences between living are visible. And thus, the picture of the Creation, the structure of the Universe, the composition of our Galaxy can be taught to you in a different way, close to the genuine notions. You will manage to take everything in a different way. For living in the bible time such a conversation would be awkward, though truthful. 


The Truth comes to the Earth in the determined moment for this. The moment, defining the readiness of the mass consciousness for the perception. But despite the certain readiness, the New Word’s bearers, the bearers of the true, renewed notions are usually persecuted, due to the fear of the spread of the New Energies through the New Word, and destroyed. All the new is accepted by the living with difficulties, because many frauds exist and to distinguish the true work behind it is hard. It is necessary to understand the subtleties. It is necessary to have knowledge. In addition to this, the efforts must be taken, but humanity in most of the cases chose the easy ways of the least resistance and the submission to the will of the majority.


Yes, there is safety in numbers. But before fighting, take thought about the peace and about a harmonization of your peaceful spirit with others. Yes, there is safety in numbers, but in the matter of restoring peace and its true basics even one voice filled with the wisdom and purity will manage to change a lot, because such a voice acting here on Earth for the good of mankind is always filled with the power of the Creator, with His Energy.


The Energy of the Creator – is something our World, in your interpretation the Kingdom of Heaven, is filled with. The Kingdom of Heaven is inside of you. Through the energetic substance of your soul you have a deep connection with the Father and with our World. By defining your role and the deliberate service you become the bearer of the New Word from the New Flow. You become the one who is the conductor of the Pure Energies of the Creator through the new knowledge, that broadening the borders of your learning and approach you to the Truth. And thus I told that the Truth is one, but is manifested here by the many. To come to the Truth – is our goal. You are on this Way.


The perception of your Way by different people can be different, but you have all the feelings in the development. You have the faith and the will that is aimed at the goal achievement. This Way is not for the weak and not for those who seek the easy ways in life. This way is for the strong in Spirit, those, who have in their souls an unfading flame of love to the Creator. And they are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven!


So be it!

Teacher Christ

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Pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.


With this known to you words I want to continue our conversation about the prayer. I talked about the prayer before. I talked about the prayer of heart, the heart’s prayer, when the words are unnecessary, because this is the attunement of a soul to the highest vibrations, for the connection with the Father in a Single Flow. It is the highest level of communication with the invisible world. It is a work on a spiritual level. It is the activation of your Divine particle which begins its awakening namely on such a high frequency, on a super-subtle level. Namely to this kind of connection I urged you. I urged you to the development of your abilities, to the development of your intuition, to the connection with us on the heart’s level. This is a unique moment, it is a sacrament of a soul, for everything what happens inside of you, is necessary only to you. 


In order to your energies and thus vibrations to be purified it is necessary to learn entering into the state of prayer contemplation, where you give through your inner impulse, impulse of a soul, all the best to God as the Father connecting with Him in a single point. The energy exchange presupposes the initial giving and then in return to the given follows the acceptance, the replenishment of the given. Namely with this principle happens the purification of waste energies and its replenishment from the Pure Flow of the Creator. And a prayer helps it. And the prayer – is not a histrionic ritual that is necessary to the old ladies in churches. It is an ability to enter into the Pure Flow of Energies, it is an ability of purification, renewal of your energy potential, it is a spiritual food, without one the life in Spirit freezes, because there is no fresh inflow of the New Energies of the Creator.


I am talking about the higher prayer – the heart’s one. However, numeral tried and tasted prayers exist which also help entering the Flow of the Creator. And I know that some of you prefer to express their feelings through a word, for the habit contributes to it. Such Flow is much weaker but it is easier to enter it, because for many people the imaginative perception through the word is important – it is easier to comprehend what is happening, easier to reveal your brain from the outside, daily thoughts, it is easier to control and to fix the process. Perhaps, for the comprehension of this process necessity, as an initial stage – it is necessary, but later a soul cannot thirst for the habit, for the prayer – it is a constantly renewing sacrament, it is a talk of two close souls. Is it possible to constantly repeat the same?


Conversation – is not a monotonous, stuck record which is played by necessity and forgot till the next necessity. No! Conversation – is first of all the opening of the heart, the opening of your soul, and it is always different for the state of a soul is a subject to constant changes and the similar changes occurs with your conversation with the Father. But initially – do not be afraid of being generous. Do not be afraid of being kind. Do not be afraid of gifting all the best from your heart. Do not be afraid to thank. Only with such a sincere opening the connection with us occurs. All the untrue, posed, farfetched, not yours – let it go from your daily life, let your true Essence to be manifested, your Divine particle. Let yourself to open up! Your Father hears you and He hears you on the heart’s frequency, for He is in you. Through your opened and relieved divine particle the thread will be outstretched which will connect you to the shining point in the boundless outer space. It is Our Father – you can imagine Him as a Sun, because for you He is the Spiritual Sun, the Light – the Pure Energy for your Spirit. He is – the one who gifted you with the Divine particle of your soul and thus opened the road to the immortality. Many circumstances of your life are understandable for Him, there are no age criteria – there is only your pure aspiration to communication, coming through your Love, through your open heart.


So be it!

Teacher Christ

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Parables and analogies


Parables and analogies – it is the most acceptable way for expression of the necessary thoughts, for the most powerful influence, for the explanation on the level of everyday analogies. Such a form of communication is the most correct in a place where the explanation with the use of another language or other phrases would be twisted and complicated. You should speak the language you can be understood with. 


Now is the time when it is possible to apply the language of knowledge, the language of science, to apply physical and scientific terms. The language of parables and analogies in the current time is only partly applicable, for you have stepped forward, you understand that the energy exists, that it is invisible to you but produces the maximal action, that the World of Energies exists. I have no reason to explain these concepts to you with the use of parables, because this conversation would be unequal. You have stepped into the new time Flow, the advances in science and technology has broadened your opportunities, has broadened your knowledge. And thus our conversation is built in a different way. I talk with you with the different language, with the language of your time, language of your era, from the position of the knowledge that you acquired, the new concepts that are clear to your understanding. 


Admit, that everything has its time. What has been said – has been said. Yes, largely it remains misunderstood. Largely it is treated incorrectly, largely researches and comments to Gospels and Bible lead not into the right way. Namely because of this I want slowly, very slowly, because initially it is important to understand who is talking with you, to give you the necessary clarifications about the events that used to happen, about those who listened to me at that time.


I shall say that it was impossible to speak in a different way in that time, though I had all this knowledge, but I spoke with a language that was acceptable for the majority. I told you that Abbasu was my teacher, he spoke to people with the simple words that everybody could understand and it was a language of parables and analogies. Namely through the similar simple tails the understanding appeared and the essence, the truth crystallized that the listener came himself to. It made him think freely, to make conclusions, and while that he understood everything himself. 


It is the strongest moment of cognition when the pupil learns to think, when the work takes place inside of him. He learns to draw conclusions. For clarifying what I am talking about I will recall the parable about the sower, who sent the grains in the wind, sowing the field. And later, every grain came into the place that was prepared to it. One grain came into the good soil. It grew accepting the Pure Light and the Energy of the Creator. Other grains had different destiny. Some fell on the rocky places and did not have an opportunity to germinate, others were taken away by the wind and they were dying among weeds-tares, for they did not have an opportunity and a free space to grow. 


Yes, the grains – is the knowledge sent to you from the Teacher. The similar destiny expects them now as well, but now I talk to people with the different level of thinking, and it is not necessary to explain them, who have developments in the Spirit field, in this way now. For your thinking is formed different. I do not consider it necessary to talk with the language of parables and analogies just for proving my essence. I consider that now, in some moments we can communicate with the language of analogies. It is not parables, but it is also the way to allegorically express the necessary thought. For in this way the comprehension and understanding of it is more effective. 


I wish to speak with you the language of feelings and the language of knowledge. Is it possible to unite it, in your opinion? Is it possible to feel what I want to explain you about the unknown worlds? It requires trust. But it is very and very difficult to rich it, for the possibility of communication through the clairaudience is not cognized by you. You have no criteria, and your assessments are often incorrect. You judge only by what the common world outlook impose on you. And it has many distortions. For this reason, for a long time I did not dare to directly communicate with people, because the limitations in your mind are set: this is possible, and this – impossible. And these limits need to be expanded, because another century has come, the new time Flow.


Feel the wind of change. This is the Beginning. The very Beginning. The first step. It is the hardest to make it. Those, who will go after you – yes, will do more, but it will be easier for them. They will know who guides them and where the Road is. And you, for the present, are in the position of the grain that enters your soul, but whether it has got in a fertile or rocky soil or be blown by the wind – depends on you. It depends on what stage is in your soul: the stage of purification, stage of rejection, stage of refusing and irony or in the stage, when your purified energy field is in the condition to take the grain sent to you by the Plowman-Teacher. It needs time to germinate, time required for the amazing shoots to appear. Our Energy, The Light of Creator will give them the necessary power for growth. These grains appeared to be sent not in a vain. It came into the fertile, in the pure souls, who freely transmit Pure Light of Creator, The New Energy of The New Epoch.


Now I am sending grains – the new knowledge from the positions of a new age and broadened world outlook, free from religious dogmas of earthlings. I desire to talk freely and openly in the Flow of The Creator. For the time being, this moment has not come, but it is coming. Time implies the onward movement, the movement to comprehension of the unknown, disclosure of all hidden. Let the veils subside from the truths that are covered by fanciful misconceptions. The Creator is alive, He wishes to communicate with people through me. He thirsts that the true relationships reestablish between us, that we recover that genuine connection that we lost with years. 


So be the comprehension, the understanding of each other between us, and be manifested all what is hidden!


Teacher Christ

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Спасибо, братья. Но я, конечно, прекрасно понимаю что мне есть куда развиваться в этом плане, мягко говоря. Но со временем все будет лучше. (Мне очень приятно за такие авансовые слова). Спасибо вам. Буду переводить...

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Gospel parables


There are many different interpretations, there are many differences in translations. Today I want to start the conversation about parables in order to make them easier for understanding. I would like you to hear these parables differently, as if I would tell it to you, sitting among you, talking in plane language.


So, the question was asked: how many times must I forgive my brother that has guilt against me? The question should be answered: forgiveness is inextricably linked with the merciful, compassionate soul that aspires to the True Light, God-Creator. Compassionate soul knows how to forgive, because it is always imbued with understanding the needs and aspirations of its neighbor and would not do anything that wouldn’t wish to itself. Such is a soul that has stepped on the development Path, on the Path of world cognition and awareness of the Universal Laws that are present here on Earth. 


Yes, The Kingdom of Heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his debtors. What are we talking about? Who is this king who settles accounts with his debtors? I would like to hear your opinion.


So, the king, governing in The Kingdom of Heaven (I speak the common expressions for you) – is first of all, the conscience that governs in your soul, it is the ruler, the judge that collects his due – it is your Spirit. The Kingdom of Heaven, The Kingdom of God – is the criteria and evaluations settled in your soul, it is the deep memory hidden in you that has larger experience of world cognition and knows a lot but has no opportunity to manifest. Because your soul has been given the possibility of the individual work – figuratively speaking it is the servant that works for the king, it is the soul that creates the accumulations for the Spirit. Does the Spirit have the right to rule over the soul?


A Spirit – is the more developed energy monad that has bigger experience, bigger potential, more developed and thus the Spirit has a right to be a king in your Kingdom of Heaven. Here we talk about the energy structures that exercise its development inside of you. So, the king – is your Spirit that rules the soul, and for all the mistakes and shortcomings in the behavior he claims from his, figuratively speaking, servant. Or there is less pleasant word for me that is written in your scriptures – from his slave. The servant – is the piece of the Devine energy that is actively working in you now and has come here for the individual development. The king – is the Spirit that governs this development and thirsts for the certain accumulations on the energy level. The king submits accounts to the servant – he had to do far more work. He has already owed ten thousands talents and with his doings he does not let the king to manifest himself, for the king constantly counts his shortcomings and debts.


When will the servant have an epiphany? When will he manage to pay, “having sold” all preventing him from realizing himself free? The king thirsts for the payoff, for otherwise he can-not govern, that is to realize his program in order to make his kingdom indeed the Kingdom of God. But the lord has mercy, the Spirit is merciful to his ward soul, for a lot depends on it. He thirsts only to direct the soul, having explained it all miscalculations and wrong steps. The soul, bearing responsibility with its conscious, that comes from its higher governing Beginning – the Spirit, receives absolution, the forgiveness of debts through the realization of its wrong actions. It receives the opportunity for the further free individual development, individual work on itself. And the most important – is to correctly realize experiences and to manage to step on the True Path.


But what does the servant produce? Having found, having received freedom for the further development, for the work on himself, he starts justifying himself, searching for the similar defects and miscalculations in his fellows behavior – there is someone else to be asked. He follows the false way and accepts the role of the king and the judge. Then he remembers that he is not alone who commits such defects and miscalculations. Let the one who owes me pay his debts first, and then I will pay to my lord. 


What happens with the servant with such a behavior, or with the soul at the Energy World level? First of all, what the servant shows means that he did not understand anything and didn't accept the higher forgiveness of his king. He has stepped on the path that turns his development back. He went trough unforgiveness, self justification and resentment against the righteous judgment. Yes, he owes a lot, worked bad and little, has wasted all the accumulated, but he is not alone in that, there are those who behave themselves in a similar way and owe him. With such thinking the feelings appear that does not contribute to the higher merits manifestations – it is pride, offence, reluctance to correctly grasp the deed, but the contrary – desire to constantly justify himself and his incorrect steps. This path leads to such a negative accumulations that the king has to give servant to “maulers”, until he gives him back all the debt.


In the same way our Father in Heaven acts with you, if you couldn’t choose the right Way, if you follow the way of self justification and assuming the role of the judge and king, if you didn’t manage to mercifully forgive, because while forgiving you become free on an energy level. While forgiving you stop the energy dependency and have an opportunity to freely choose the further direction of your Way. And this Way presupposes first of all the work that will create positive accumulations and the “profit” for the king, that will bring you through this development into the Spiritual World of Cosmos, to the Creator of The Universe, to the work in the Higher Spheres and the Hierarchy of The Creator.


So be it!

Teacher Christ

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Parable of the Ten Virgins


Today let’s talk about the parable you are familiar with – the parable of the Ten Virgins. I consider that you know this narration and thus I will talk about it straightway, without retelling the content. 


Then the Kingdom of Heaven will be comparable to ten virgins, who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. What does it imply? I would want you to think, to ponder and bring out your own associations. In this parable the more sense is laid, not yet cognized by the Scripture interpreters. I will talk about the true sense, from the position of today’s world understanding. 


So, the Kingdom of Heaven – is truly the Kingdom of Heaven, the Spiritual world. I have said that the Spiritual Worlds have the differences. There is the Spiritual World, or in your interpretation the Kingdom of Heaven. Here live those who have managed to lift themselves, due to their accumulations on the Spirit level, to the Higher Spheres, to the Creator of the Universe.  There are manifested worlds that have consciously chosen the Path of spiritual development. Hence, the Kingdom of Heaven will be comparable to ten virgins. Who are these ten virgins? What are we talking about? Why five of them are wise and clever and the rest five – foolish? I think that you understand this is allegorically and you do not seek the associations with the certain individuals of a female gender. No, here the World of Energies is implied that has its implementation here. Can the energies be wise and foolish? No, of course, but the actions that it produce can have exactly these consequences.


Yes, the energies that come from the Kingdom of Heaven, or the World of Energies can be directed to the good, to the acquiring of a new wisdom, to the creation. Such energies come to the Earth through the embodiments of the High Spirits that have enough “oil” in their lamp. They come for the fulfillment of a certain job. In this context – it is the meeting of the “groom”, it is the space preparation for the arrival of the New Missioner of God. Those who have come here from the Spiritual World are subject to the Law of Free Will that exists here. They have an opportunity to devote their lives to service for the great goal, having received with this a higher comprehension, wisdom in form of a great energy potential, or, figuratively speaking –“oil”. Or the contrary - yes, to follow the way but without the necessary dedication. Such virgins have minimum accumulations, for even though they want to meet the “groom” and follow the Path but they do not manifest the comprehension with this, rather the contrary – waist their energy for an empty acts and many far-fetched problems. 


A human that have consciously stepped on the Path of service can-not have misunderstanding of what is going on. He follows towards the goal that he sees clearly. He manifest diligence, and through this diligence the higher comprehension, wisdom comes to him. His “lamp” is full with the “oil”, the pure energy that will be enough to accomplish the necessary actions for the good.


So, the service is not the same. There are many of those who have stepped on the Path of service but who failed to clearly see the goal and consciously aspire to it. Yes, they go and they have “lamps” but no “oil” in the form of higher accumulations, in form of purity of all the thoughts and actions. Now there are quite a lot of suchlike unwise who have figuratively speaking went down to meet the bridegroom. There is also a sufficient amount of those who have no “oil in lamp” but already go to the “wedding feast” towards the bridegroom. But how do they go? Or in the darkness at a venture or they will have to come back to acquire wisdom, the necessary energy for work. The time destined for the true service, for the work, will be lost and their accumulations will not give them this opportunity. I talk about those who hide behind my name, create various religious assemblies for the acquisition of primarily their own authority, for satisfying their own ambitions. They do not see the goal. They dance, sing happily, sing about God, go to meet the Messiah, new Christ, but their “lamp” has no “oil”, for the accumulations are wasting and there is no access to the Source where the “oil” is. And their service is similar to the unwise virgins that go in twilight, half-darkness, and their goal is further and further from them. They will have to return for the “oil”, to the Pure Source, to the true God that needs only genuine, pure love coming from the heart – not the loud words and wordy prayers, noise, songs dance of the crowd. No, I am not against fun, dance, songs. I only want to say that worship of the Father is a sacrament and it occurs in silence, when suddenly you begin to hear your voice, that softly speaks a prayer, tells a prayer to his Father.


Now a lot is manifested to you, many directions of Christianity that have different basis beneath. There is a quiet service, it leads to the understanding of the world, to opening of a new mind, wherein your accumulations on an energy level will allow you to meet the “groom”. Will also allow the “groom” to recognize you. There are those who follow the Path with you, but they lack understanding, lack wisdom because they waist their “oil”. They have wasted all accumulated, all that they’ve acquired and now go in the darkness. For them the Path will be difficult and the most important the “groom” will not recognize them.


The point – is that many of you think that the more they attend different gatherings with all kind of directions, and sometimes clearly opposite, the more wise they become and obtain accumulations for a Spirit. Alas, no! It is precisely vice versa. You lose energy, because it is qualitatively different energy that in most of the cases is incompatible and with this does not accumulate but rather waists. It is wasted with the manifestations of other energies. Impossible to grasp the immensity. It is possible only to search for the right direction, and the most important – to make the right choice, conscious, thoughtful selection and to follow the chosen Path.


Everyone has his own Path, as well as the choice. You can follow the Path of wise virgins, choosing conscious service and accumulating the energy for the visible goal. You may follow the Path of unwise virgins, wasting, even while following the Path, your energy into different directions, but with this you follow the Path unconsciously, blindfold and your “lamp” will not kindle in the right time, for it will lack the “oil”.


Teacher Christ

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Parable of the Great Banquet


Let’s recall it, its content, there are several variants of this parable narrations, I shall tell it in a way I would tell it to you.


The Kingdom of God is like a human – a king that called his close friends for a banquet but received a rejection from each of them. But the banquet is already scheduled, it will happen irrespectively of whether the invited will arrive. But the neglect of the invited by the Master’s call brings him to the decision to invite to the banquet those who don’t even think about this banquet.

The banquet was held. Good and bad came there, all those who responded the king having heard the call. All who came received a special distinction, the clothing of the Master as a sign of his distinction, but there were also those who entered without it. The Master, having recognized one man who sited without the special clothes decided to draw his attention to the necessary condition – presence of special clothing. But the man kept silence. Then the Master ordered to get him out in the outer darkness, for many are called but few are chosen. 


What are we talking about? First of all, that Kingdom of Heaven sends those who come here of one’s own particular choice for the performance of work. And it is those who will afterwards be called by the king to the banquet, to the feast, where those who are called gather. The Kingdom of Heaven, the Spiritual World of Cosmos, sends, sends down certain entities for the fulfillment of a program. However, the Law of Free Will brings about changes in the actions and thoughts concerning the planned work.


You live in a free living space. You make your plans yourself. You allow or not allow this possibility to be realized, the planned to be implemented. You chose your Way. You can accept or not accept the program of Creator, then you refuse the invitation to the fest as well. What this invitation is? What kind of feast we are talking about? The wedding banquet, the feast – is a culmination of all our plans. It is the moment when the planned will be fulfilled, when the predestinated will be realized, when the Earth comes into its greatest era – The Era of Prosperity, The Golden Age of humanity. It is this will be felt by us as the wedding banquet, the feast, the great triumph of humanity, combined in marriage, in its unity with the Spiritual World, recognizing it.


The triumph, the wedding feast – is a populous action of familiar, close to the master people. Above all for those who approximated this banquet, helping with many actions, wishing to share happiness with the king. But again, to grasp or to recognize the new that is approaching, the call that comes from the king, and in this context I will say – from the God, through the heart is not available to everybody. Many friends of a King – the missioners of God – refuse this call, the invitation to the banquet. It is not everybody can stay pure and faithful to the Spiritual world, even if you came from the Higher Spheres. The World of Matter beckons, drugs many souls, the World of Matter establish itself in a different way. World of Matter has the ability to absorb so much that many of High Missioners do not see, do not want to see, refuse to listen on the level of a heart. It happens pretty often, and you can give enough examples yourself, when the highly spiritual people start losing the landmarks and go away from the goal. They transform the spiritual values into equivalent material, thus justifying their greed, turning their heart into ossified.


The spiritual values can-not be sold on the fairs, lectures, lessons. They are not equal to material values. It cannot be weighed in scales and set the price. The weight and price of the spiritual values are set in your soul, in your heart, for it is the grasped price to the One who bestows it to you. Namely bestows, because the spiritual values, the knowledge of the Spiritual World are the highest gift to the one who understands it, who stayed pure in his soul, who has managed to overcome the temptations of the Material World and stayed faithful to his Spiritual Being. It is they will be granted this opportunity to make the leap, the breakthrough in their conscious and to hear the call to the banquet, to the triumph. 


Yes, many are called but few are chosen. All will be called. Everyone will be given a chance to know directly or indirectly about the banquet, the feast that is coming. Fear to be in the number of unbelievers, doubtful, afraid, those who have no interest to anything, afraid of all the new. I don’t even talk about those who neglect, judge, defames all the new. They are, unfortunately the majority, for the humanity lives according to the imposed society stereotypes. The new thinking, the new knowledge can-not make its way here, for the souls are bound with the imposed dogmas like with the chains. 


Become free! Your soul, like a bird in a stuffy cage, languish from the bondage and inconvenience, languish and yearns for freedom. Open the door to her! And you will see how your free soul spread the wings and fly. You will feel everything different for you will see the fly of your soul in the heavenly heights. The feelings of happiness, of flight – are the feelings of the free soul. These are the feelings of bliss. These are the feelings of those who will come to the wedding banquet, to the feast. And these are the feelings of the chosen, those who managed to see the marvelous flight of its soul, who managed to lift up, rise through its purity, purity of all the thoughts and acts. Feel yourself invited! Feel yourself chosen, for your chosenness consists of releasing yourself from the bounds of closed consciousness, having provided your soul with the freedom for development, for cognition of this world from the flight height, from the Pure Spheres of the Creator, God through your unity with Him.


Remember about our unity. Seek yourself a treasure not on the Earth and then you will be given the greatest gift – the feeling yourself of being chosen by God, chosen for a work, for the actions for good of the Mother-Earth, humanity and the Universe.


So be it!

Teacher Christ

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  • 1 year later...
The Parable of the inheritance


I will continue the conversation about the parables - the Gospel parables. I would like you to hear them in a new way, so their understanding would make my teaching available to you in a new light of changed concepts. Yes, we will talk about the known to you parable of the inheritance. I think its content is familiar to you, but still, I will remind it.


So, one Lord had workers, and traveling to a distant country, he gathered the workers and ordered them to manage the estate during his absence. And to one he gave five talents as a money units, to another - two, to the third - one - to everyone according to his abilities. The one who got five talents went and began to work with them, wondering how to increase their number in an honest way. The one who received two, he also went in after him, in his way, and was able to honestly earn two more. The one who received one talent was so fearful that preferred to preserve, to hide his talent, bury it into the ground, because the fear to do wrong was higher than the desire to follow the path of the first two workers.


But the time came close when the Lord returned. He wants to know how the employees managed his legacy, how they controlled his estate. The first employee told about his work, how he managed a legacy to the good. He multiplied the obtained by his work and presented his Lord five more talents of income. Another worker showed that he followed the same path and multiplied the obtained by presenting two more talents of income to the Lord. The Lord turned his sight to the next. However, the one who received one talent said that he was afraid to follow the first two. He preferred to wait for his Lord in idleness, for a fear of what he could do wrong was to him above all. After hearing everybody, the Lord judged everyone on merit, saying that the first two - hardworking and loyal employees who seek to expand their capabilities, who work on what was granted to them. They are a joy to the Lord. A third worker, having only a fear in his heart which prevents him from thinking and evolving - he buried his talent into the ground and conceived only anger of his Lord for his laziness and negligence.


What is it about? I think this parable is the easiest for understanding and everyone got its comprehension, but I will still give my explanations.


The Lord - this I think no one doubts, it is the One, Who gives us the opportunity to fulfill our life through His Energy – it is the Creator, Who in this context is represented by the Lord, because the story requires. Yes, the Lord - is the Creator who gives all opportunities for the ‍fulfillment of life to His employees, to those whom He wants to see at His work in the future. He gives the inheritance to employees up front, but only on their merit, their aspirations. He wants that the control of His "estate" - your planet – would be implemented to the full extent, with intelligence and honest labor. Those who received the five talents proved worthy diligence and revealed their potential, having increased it. They were able to dispose of the obtained. They were able to develop their abilities and acquired them in an increased amount, through working on themselves and multiplying the accumulated. That's why the Lord gave them a portion of what He has. So what is a talent, and why the Lord took from the third employee the one he had and gave it to those who conceived the ten? And why does everyone who has will be given and multiply, but from the one who doesn’t have will be taken away what he has?


Talent - is your opportunity to fulfill this life, it is your understanding and this is the stage at which you have risen due to hard work on your development. Each showed a different diligence, each has different promotion and hence received different inheritance to increase it through hard work. The understanding of life and all its foundations does not come to someone who is not thirsty, who is not aspired - only to those who have aspiration in life and true understanding. Through laziness and fear of all that happens you can-not take a single step up for your development. What is given to you - is the Divine energy as the ability to actions, to work. Energy cannot but to produce an action. Those who prefer inaction by fear of being disagreeable to master are becoming such. Master does not want that the given by Him for the development would lie idle. In such a state of inactivity and fear the worker will never become a "steward of the estate," will never change and will not expand the obtained.


In a state of stagnation, disbelief and fear none of the worlds of our Universe can exist. Everywhere there is a work, the work that involves the development of the world through the development of the individual, because only through the development of each individual the world will come to change for the good, to the Transformation. Believe me, those whose aspirations are directed in this way, achieve the desired. They get accumulation in the form of a deep understanding of the world in the form of world cognition in its true light. With the conscious and correct choice, with purposeful and hard work you will receive an increase in your "incomes", your talents, you will get the experience through the world understanding. You will be able, with the aspirations and understanding, to receive "incomes" - savings that will allow you to get closer to the Lord, for He is eager to such workers.


I told you that the energy - is the potential for work, for labor, it is something that can-not stand idly by. Therefore, it is taken away from the one who have no desire to use it, to commit the act. And to everyone who has aspirations and movement toward the goal - will be added. Those who experience dread and the fear of the Lord, of the God, not feeling, not knowing that everything in this world is done on the energy level in accordance to the Law, in accordance to Cosmic Laws - those lose touch with God and make the descent after their departure from the earth level in the lower energy layers, in the astral world as you say, and there what you describe as hell awaits them. It is an idle time, a time when it is only possible to realize one’s actions. When the soul comes to a special moment of minimal consciousness, she is granted another attempt to understand the world, to get rid of dread, fear, disbelief - all that prevents her from developing herself and the world.


And thus be the one who have higher aspirations, who direct the forces on the right understanding of the world and all that takes place in it. Develop, increase your inheritance, because in this case your potential, all pledged to you begins to unfold. Believe in the diversity of life. Believe that it is not possible to cognize everything at once. But the time of disclosure is coming – time of the manifestation of unmanifested.


So be it!

Teacher Christ

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The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard


This parable is best known, and, of course, I can-not leave it without attention.


So, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a Householder who went out early to hire laborers to his vineyard. And agreed with the laborers for a denarius a day and sent them into his vineyard. After the third hour, he noticed other standing idle, and commanded them to go to work in the vineyard, and that what they earn for the work - they will receive. Afterwards in such a way he hired other workers idly waiting for work. When evening came, governor of the house by the decision of the Lord issued the same payment to all - who came first and who have suffered the hardships of the day and the scorching heat, and who came last and worked only one hour. And having received a denarius, those who came first started to murmur against the Owner of the house. The Owner answered one of them saying that he had received what was due to the agreement: «Isn’t it for a denarius you has agreed with me? I want to give to this last the same as to you.» So the last shall be first and the first last: for many are called, but few are chosen.


This parable is given in the familiar to you translation. And I will speak in conformity with the foresaid. In this parable laid inmost knowledge of the Spiritual World, which is eager to workers regardless of the time of their arrival in the harvest. Employees, those souls that have responded to the call of the Master and started to work, of course, are necessary to our World. This is what we crave, this is what we want - to change the path of idly staggering souls who do not see, do not know that there is a work and it is next to you. The Owner of the house, the Lord, calls, calls upon all to work, to action. Grapes, vineyard, vine - it is our symbol, a symbol of the Spiritual World, because the grape symbolizes the unity of us, living. We have a single stem for food for the exercising ourselves living – it is the energy for life of our Father. We and you have a single Source of Life, the life-giving stream that allows us to act in all the worlds.


Grape branch - is something that should remind you of the unity, it is a symbol of the fruit that can nourish living with its amazing composition. And thus, all who are capable of this work are called on, to work in the harvest, to collect fruits. And to work first is difficult enough. The work is exhausting in the heat, but those who came last are not less important for the owner, because make no less responsible job, because they are full of energy and eager to work. Their efforts and their willingness to work make no less result of their activities.


So why the last will be first? What is it about? What is meant here? First of all, commitment and the desire for vigorous activity, the thirst to receive no less a result of its labor. These aspirations were so high that led to the Masters conclusion about their no less effectiveness. Is it possible working one hour and working all day to achieve almost the same result? Apparently, it is possible. Everything depends on the sense of purpose in achieving the goal. It is possible to work slowly knowing that anyway the fee is agreed, and it is possible through aspiration to achieve the same result and to get the same fee. And those who came to work first, and those who joined them later but with a special eagerness and diligence rushed to the work, are one to the Lord - the Owner of the house. He appreciates hard work and diligence, allocates perseverance and aspiration to achieve the goal. In fact, the diligence of the last led to the goal, to the finish of the fruit harvest.


Those who showed a desire and diligence and came to work, indeed, the Spiritual World workers, for we are talking about the spiritual nourishment, about the grapes as the accumulator of the Creator’s energy. These are the fruits that are necessary to mankind, to the Earth people, because without them the fire in hearts would have extinguished, life would have lost the beauty and harmony that gives us all a spiritual development through unity with the Creator. The owner of the house, the Lord, the Creator of this House - the Earth - eager to call more and more new employees, because the work in our World has a grand scale. And those who respond, those who reveal their Path, are truly the joy for the Lord - the Owner of our general House - our Universe.


The work is there, and we are inviting all who are ready to hear our call to respond it. And without a doubt the last shall be the first because they will have to replace the generation that has already contributed to this work. Their potential will allow them to become the first, because here comes into force the Law of Alternation and Continuity. Those who have contributed to the harvest season, to the strenuous work, will receive their reward. Those who have started working, joined later, as they become ready will be those who will continue this work and in the future, no doubt, they will be the first and those invited who responded to the call of the Master. It is they will be that called that will come into the Kingdom of Heaven, the Spiritual World of the Cosmos, the Higher Realms of the Creator, for hard work with diligence and complete dedication has allowed them to produce those savings that made them elected before God - the Creator.


 So be it!

 Teacher Christ

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The Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen


The parable of the wicked husbandmen, as you designate, is the most interesting in terms of understanding the role of the Missioners and service. It is about the Missioners, about those who come here by the decision of the Creator, in this context - the Master of the house, this parable.


So, the parable narrates about some Master, which had a vineyard. He has created all conditions for work and departed. When the time of harvesting approached, He sent His servants to get the fruits. The husbandmen acted with the servants at their hardness of heart. One was beaten, other maimed, stoned, another killed. The Master sent other servants again, and the same fate waited for them. Then He sent His Son to them so they could feel ashamed for what they did. But when the husbandmen saw the heir, they decided to kill him and committed their plan.


What will the Master of the vineyard do with the perpetrators of the crime? This question implies an answer. And the life, the time flow has already given this answer. The Master will just let these growers go and forget about them. What am I talking about? I think there is no need to explain to you who is the Master, the husbandman, servants and the Son of the Master. This is already clear to you, that the Master - is the Creator of this World, the husbandmen – are those who work in His fields – bring spiritual knowledge to the world, the Creator’s Ideas.


The Master, the Creator of this house has close to Him individuals - the so-called servants, those who come here for certain work, for the service. These are immediate executors of the Creator’s Will, those who proclaim to husbandmen the Will of the Master, the Supreme Will of God the Creator. The Master is eager to see the fruits from His vineyard. Fruits - are the prerequisite for the work, this is the goal, the result that is necessary to come to. I mean, that any life activity is aimed at obtaining the results, fruits from the labor. The husbandmen work in the fields, and it is their task - to get juicy fruits from their activities. These fruits should be saturated with Energy of the Creator, the Master of this House - the Earth. All conditions for work, for living were created, it remains to see the fruits, to give them to the Master with gratitude and love. But if the fruits are different than the Master expects, if they are not as tasty, juicy and husbandmen can be caught in bad faith, because they have forgotten about the main thing - they have forgotten that they work on the spiritual field of the Master and fruits do not belong to them but to Him, how to return them the true understanding of the world? How to explain to all working on the spiritual field their deep confusion on many issues? To do this the Master sends His servants, in order for them to reveal His Will.


What does the mankind do with the Missioners, or those who serve the Creator? Others crippled, other stoned, other murdered. That is, for the most, the fate of the Missioners, such is the fate of those who bear the Word of God. This is the highest service to the Idea of the Creator, and these are the Missioners of the Spiritual World. They come here not often, only during the harvest season, harvesting, in order to remind the husbandmen on Whose field they reap the fruits, Who do they work for, for the husbandmen have long forgotten about this - they consider all the fruits to be their own. They forgot about the Owner of the House, about the One Who had given them everything they have. They imagined themselves to be the true masters. In order to return them the true concepts, specify the correct reference points, the Master sends His Son, the one who fulfills his vital activity close to Him. He sends the one who is dear to Him, in order for him to manage to prove to husbandmen the incorrectness of their acts, the distortions in their thinking. It is the role of the Higher Missioners - the Sons of God, who come here to establish the true notions in people's souls, to announce the Word of God the Creator. And for Jesus from Nazareth was waiting the fate of all God's servants. Yes, the husbandmen, those who reaped the fruits in the spiritual field, did not understand, did not realize what he brought. And they decided to kill him, to bring to wicked death, having trampled with it all his human dignity.


What will the Master of the house do with the husbandmen? What fate waits for them? Only the one they themselves prepared to them - the fate of outcasts, for the Owner fulfills the desire of His workers. Not wanting to fulfill the necessary conditions, not wanting to make an equivalent energy exchange, the husbandmen are now left without attention and help of the Master. The Master provides them with possibility of independent development path. He leaves them fruits but deprives His aid, He forgets about them. Who am I talking about? I am talking about those husbandmen, the whole nation suffered for. This nation, like no other, had the opportunity, the higher opportunity to give Prophets-Missioners to the world, servants of God, those who are in the highest service to the Creator. These people received the highest knowledge to move forward. But the work of husbandmen, those who worked independently in the vineyard of God the Creator often did not have the fruits, became infertile, because the working conditions were violated. The husbandmen - are those who seek to obtain a large crop, large and juicy fruits, but these - have forgotten about their role, considering the entire harvest to be only their achievement. Such thinking leads to violations of all existing Laws: the Laws of human society, and the Laws of the Cosmos. What do you do with those who have made obvious violations? You put them in isolation, because otherwise it is impossible to realize the consequences of false thinking.


False thinking, distorted notions, lost landmarks - I often talk about this. I talk about the distortions existing in your world. They are many: these are imposed stereotypes of thinking, and these are set gradations and frameworks of behavior. Earthly life, earthy foundations impose a large imprint on all the concepts that exist everywhere in all the worlds. Your thinking exists within certain limits, frames. Any violation of these limits, different thinking causes attacks on the one who thinks differently, often not looking for the most part into the essence of what is happening. Our Missioners, in this context - God's servants, were attacked more often than the others, beaten, eradicated, because they are, in the human view, encroach on the sacred, the Word of God, and in fact they carried this Word in the world, they fulfilled the Will of the One Who sent them.


The will of the Creator in this period lies in one thing: to remind the husbandmen that live now about the fruit collection time - this time has approached. All the activities of husbandmen that bear fruits are not what is expected by the Owner. Those who carry the Word of God, the Master of this World, are already here, and there is a serious work to do.


So be it!

Teacher Christ

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Parable of the Unjust Steward


There was a certain rich man who had a steward, and an accusation was brought to him that this man was wasting his goods. So he called him and said to him, ‘What is this I hear about you? Give an account of your stewardship, for you can no longer be steward.’ Then the steward said within himself, ‘What shall I do? For my master is taking the stewardship away from me. I cannot dig; I am ashamed to beg.  I know what to do, that when I am put out of the stewardship, they may receive me into their houses.’ So he called every one of his master’s debtors to him, and said to the first, ‘How much do you owe my master?’ And he said, ‘A hundred measures of oil.’ So he said to him, ‘Take your bill, and sit down quickly and write fifty.’ Then he said to another, ‘And how much do you owe?’ So he said, ‘A hundred measures of wheat.’ And he said to him, ‘Take your bill, and write eighty.’ So the master commended the unjust steward because he had dealt shrewdly. For the sons of this world are shrewder in their generation than the sons of light. And I say to you, make friends for yourselves by unrighteous mammon, that when you reduced to beggary, you may be received into an everlasting home. He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. Therefore if you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own? No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

Luke 16:1-13


So, this parable needs clarification, for it says about the foundations of this world. Steward and others like him – are those who received high position advance, great opportunities for realization in this world. How do they use these opportunities? They use them indulging their own desires to enrich themselves, having forgotten about the interests of the Lord. At the same time the Lord loses much. With such a stewardship of the estate the wealth is wasted, accumulated is wasted, available is wasted and the other is acquired in unrighteous way. This path leads steward to the poverty, he loses his job. However, having a wicked mind, he thinks that it is possible to cheat the Lord. He is trying to reduce his waste in fraud, cunning way. He is trying to create himself a financial support in this life by deception. 


Deception, lies, concealment of the truth – these are the common tricks in your world. This way you want to go, not knowing about the relationship between the two worlds. The two worlds - the World of Matter and the World of Energies - are interrelated and interdependent. Is it possible to make the deception in the world of matter so that it does not affect the energy world? No, impossible. While creating your Material World, remember this. Be aware of the relationship between Matter and Spirit. Remember that by creating unrighteous wealth you select a different way, the way down. Way of serving Mammon - is the way of those who chose the fate of the steward in the World of Matter and the poor, having nothing on the energy level in the other world. And this is what allows the Master - God the Creator - to dismiss from work, from the activities those who were unfaithful stewards. You can-not serve two masters: God and mammon, for the service - it is the highest need of the soul to give all of its energy potential for the job, for bringing the Higher Idea from the Spiritual Realm. Therein lies the service, therein lies the righteous wealth. It manifests itself not here, and therefore everything that is not visible to you, you feel a ghostly, unreal, non-existent. For us everything is different, because we are free from the subjective perception, and I tell you about the eternal life, not that time interval which is due to your current worldview. It is your world enables you to become stewards and commit right acts to know the truth of what is happening among you.


Abode of God longs for the true, faithful stewards, who will be faithful in the small only for you to get yours - the highest and true. How to achieve this faithfulness? How to separate the Path of service to the Supreme Idea of God the Creator - Lord of the world - from the service of mammon? These questions assume the temptation for you, because you know not other relations, except for the existing among you. Your world compensates the energy costs by obtaining the equivalent currency notes. Does it always correspond to the true? In most cases no. The state of Harmony is broken in the world because of the unjust doings of many. Could the unrighteous wealth give you success with the Lord? By no means. Only with those who choose their own kind by their shrewdness. Yes, the children of this world - stewards of the Material World - quick-witted, ready for all sorts of tricks, more adopted than the Sons of Light. And so the illusion creates in your mind that Material World manages everything. But there are people not of this world, who do not go for gimmicks, but are looking for the righteous wealth - the wealth of their soul. Namely they are the Children of Light, those who maintain a balance on the energy level in this world. Their service is true, their service is faithful, their reference points are directed to the future, to the Lord, God the Creator, to the Truth and Light.



So be it!

Teacher Christ






Parable of the Two Sons


There was a man who had two sons. He went to the first and said, ‘Son! Go and work today in my vineyard.’ But he replied “I don’t want to”, but after repented and went. And having come to the second he said the same. This replied “I am coming, my master”, and didn’t go. Which one of the two executed the will of the father?


This parable shows the impossibility to judge human affairs fully on Earth. Father’s will can have different manifestation. Is it possible to judge by the kind-hearted speeches that the second son is more efficient and respect the Father more? Unfortunately, yes. Untrue manifestations, histrionic, ostentatious attitude to the Father is mostly present in your world. Yes, beautiful words, ostentatious humility and the absence of work, the emptiness in a soul on the level of feelings, but outwardly everything look appeasable and pleasant. But this is only the external side, because the world needs the good deeds to be produced, not the beautiful empty speeches. Those who initially rejected the work, but after that, having realized the need for it, repented and went, are truly faithful sons, because their aspiration and desires manifestation are true and aimed at producing the results, aimed at the work. Those sons, however, that express reverence, agreeing in everything with the Will of the Father and afterwards stay out of work - are those who inhibit, oppose the necessary deeds in this world.


Your judgments about the truth of a certain son manifestations are mostly subjective, because you judge by the external manifestations, being unaware of the work that happens within each. Those who initially did not realize the Will of the Father, but came to fulfillment of His Will through inner work on themselves are valuable to the Lord. Therefore it is said, that the publicans and the harlots are ahead of you – those who have not made an intense work on oneself, go into the kingdom of God.


The Kingdom of God - is, as I explained earlier, the Spiritual World of Cosmos, it is the World of those who managed to rise to the higher realms, who performs direct Will of the Father. The publicans and the harlots who came to awareness of the implementation of this Will here on Earth - are those who, by tremendous efforts over themselves, by the inner work produced a desired alignment of the Way in them. They managed to change the direction of the Way. Through effort, through repentance they revealed the right direction. And the produced work will never be in vain. It provided an opportunity to open up their possibilities, to work in the "vineyards" of the Father, to become His true and faithful Sons.


This outcome of life is the most valuable for the Father, because He longs for the soul awakening, longs to give everyone the opportunity to work in His "vineyards". The True Sons of the Father - are not those who are on their knees, lament and actively bow. These ostentatious prayers, ostentatious warships are of a little use.  Such sons are always outwardly respectful. They bear writings under their arms, spieling about the Father, about God. But if the Father asks them to do the work, the necessary work in the “vineyard”? Yes, their prayers will be both grandiloquent. Yes, they will say that they go, but will not go. 


Be afraid to judge only about the external manifestation. Try to see deeper and to judge by the results of the work. Our Father judges human acts. Who is the true Son and do the will of the Father will be revealed not here, because the acts are not always visible immediately, but only after the work is done.


Results – are your savings in the form of energy that can purify the soul through repentance and return it to the right Way that leads to the Kingdom of God, the Spiritual World of our Father.


So be it!

Teacher Christ



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